Antibacterial Hand Gel After the Swine Flu

The new year has arrived and already into 2010 the hype behind the Swine Flu seams to be dwindling and with it demand for the antibacterial hand gel products.

Speaking with one European hand gel manufacture this week they told me that many of there clients have seen a decline in demand for the Antibacterial hand gel products. However they also reported " We identified early on that there would be a peak to demand and once the swine flu scare was over it was inevitable that demand would drop off..... We are also also seeing a lot of the jump on the band wagon producers stop production of these products after the stocks have been sold. In effect we will see price drop as suppliers sell of stock. Once this happens we are quite confident that there will be a returning demand for this product, of course in smaller numbers, but there will be a demand. It is our opinion that the Swine Flu has help educate a large amount of population to the benifits of Antibacterial Hand gel namely, waterless washing when there is no hot water and soap around."


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Every day, multitudes of germs are spread around by our hands. These germs can be fairly harmless and those with strong immune systems will often resist these germs easily, but they can be the cause of colds and tummy bugs. Although these are only minor illnesses, germs can also be the cause of more serious troubles and can even spread infection in minor wounds which results in more serious illness. The spreading of these germs can be lessened simply by keeping your hands clean and following basic rules of hygiene.
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